Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where to begin?

It's amazing how quickly you can fall in love. I know it sounds so cliche, but I never imagined how much one single day and event could be so life changing. Preston is 16 weeks old today, so I have a bit of catching up to do on this blog in sharing our journey so far.

I guess first off I'd like to answer, why am I doing this? Tyler and I were both born and raised in Red Bluff. While many people in town see living in a small town as somewhat of a detriment, I have always embraced it. Why would I not want to live in a area where I everyone knows everyone? It just feels like "home". Even when Tyler and I moved to Sacramento for school we knew right away knew that once we were done with college we were coming right home.

So again why?
1- To share Preston. Since Preston has been born, I feel like I have had a huge blanket of support from so many people that I know and even people that I've never met, and this goes beyond my friends and family in Red Bluff. I know we've been a part of prayer requests everywhere, received cards and calls from so many including some people across the country that are friends of family. Little Preston is not just Tyler and my son, but he has had a place in so many people's hearts that I feel that I owe this to everyone to share our experiences and progress. Now that we're finally home, we're still home bound. Preston has a compromised immune system and unfortunately has to stay safe from cooties. He is at high risk of infection and blood clots. We've experienced one infection scare already and Preston got sepsis dirigible our first short discharge from the hospital. After being home only 4 days he was re-admitted and was hospitalized for over a month. So probably for the first year of his life, he will not be able to meet many people. Although I know a blog is not personal contact, I still want people to know him so that when he is well enough to come out and play he will not be a stranger.
2- For my sanity. It feels good to vent and I probably need to do more instead of keeping things bottled in so tight.  One of my memories through this process is hugging my father in law as he was headed back to Idaho and he said to me, "Vici, you don't have to be strong every minute of every day".  I realized that, yes I had been keeping things inside and that it was okay to just let it all go.
3- To inform. Remember, we do live in Red Bluff, and while I love this small town, the rumor mill and "telephone game" is evident. Hopefully by sharing what we've been through to this point and what we will encounter in his future, it will help everyone to know where we are at and how little P is infact doing.
4- Finally, to document our story. Many people keep baby books. So far I have a baby book (that I haven't gotten to far on). I'm sad to say I have more medical charting, logs of our daily events in the NICU, lab results, calendars of appointments, etc. Well, enough of's time to be a mom. Time to keep track of the "first" as Preston grows. While I'm sure I'll always have the binder with all of his medical particulars, I also want to be working on something creative as a mom. While I've always considered myself a crafty person, the reality is that I'm a much better technical person. This is why I'm choosing blog over scrapbook, aside from being able to share this more far and wide.

I also would like to take some time to THANK EVERONE for everything star they have done for our family so far. The thoughts, prayers, cards, gifts and financial contributions are all so appreciated. I've tried to send out thank you cards through all of this but I know I've failed to thank everyone. Our experiences so far have made a deep impact on our immediate and extended family. I only hope that we can help others in times of hardship and despair the way that so many have done for us. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!


  1. Will love reading this, I can tell. Eager to get to know the P-man!

  2. This will be great Vici, I'm so glad you're doing it! Margo

  3. Happy Mothers day! I am proud of you each and every day!

  4. Thanks Vici.... Hope you had a nice Mother's Day. You are in my prayers. I haven't met Preston, but I know he is precious. Rose

  5. May theLord bless you and keep you