Friday, May 25, 2012

A LONG Overdue Thank You

Being in the hospital for as long as we were, we really didn't get the proper opportunity to thank the staff at UC Davis for their kindness since we were SOOOO anxious to go home. For several days before going home we knew it was likely that we may get to come home, but we didn't want to jinx ourselves by saying our goodbyes too soon....after all they scheduled our discharge date for a Friday the 13th. When we finally were discharged we were so hot to be out of there, looking back I wish that we would have taken the time to appreciate one final time all of those that helped Preston along the way. I hope to now express my thanks publicly so that they all know how much we really care.

First- our primary nurse and long time Red Bluff friend, Tracy. It was YOU that made us feel like we were not in a foreign land. Your compassion for Preston and willingness to be his primary nurse was awesome! We looked forward to the nights that we knew you would be on and knew that we could sleep easy while he was in your care! You went above and beyond in helping us schedule Preston's medications so that we weren't lost when we got home and that was such a huge, huge help since his daily schedule is almost a full time job in itself!

A few other members of the nursing staff that I'd like to thank and I'm sorry if I missed you I wish I would have written down the names if each and every one of you. I will however always remember the faces of everyone!
Marin- Thanks for always having a smile and being so kind. I always looked forward to seeing you and for doing Preston's hearing screening (a half dozen times, lol).  I'll always remember you, after all I wanted Preston's name to be Marin!

Lori- Thanks for being Preston's daytime primary nurse, and thank you so much for teaching us the ins and outs of giving the infusion.  Your teaching helped us feel more comfortable when we got home

Carrie- Thanks for your knowledge and expertise!  Many times you were the go to for the tough questions and we appreciate your support.

Jim- You were with us during some of the TOUGHEST days and you saw a side of me and my emotions that not even many of  my closest friend have ever seen.   You're an awesome nurse and glad that you were with Preston one-on-one.  It's clear you love your job and your great at it.  P.S.....I have a sister that's a nurse and she's single.....I'm not sure she'll be thrilled with me posting that, but what the hell I just thought I'd throw it out there.

Angie-  Thanks for being an excellent IV starter.  I always dreaded IV starts because I knew they would be tough, but you  nailed them every time. I also love your bedside tidyness!

Jill- so easy to remember, you share my sisters name. Always compassionate

Ebony- Thanks for landing the PICC line.  After four previous attempts by others you were finally able to nail it so that he would have less IV pokes!

Katerina- Thanks for being patient with all of our 500 questions and always finding the answers to them.

Sharon- Thanks for always bringing a smile in the room and thanks for the pictures too.  ps...I love your son's name :o)

Christian- Thanks for helping to lighten the mood.  Even if you were just breaking someone for a few minutes we knew you would always give us a chuckle about something.

Krista- Thanks for always making me feel better.  I don't think I'd be able to burp or swaddle a baby without your guidance. I loved hearing about all of your culinary delights too.

Val- You're an awesome lady!  I'm thinking an honorary Grandma :o)  I hope I see you again!!!

I know there are soooo many others on the nursing staff, and if I forgot you it's not because your work went unnoticed, it's simply due to my lack of sleep and energy during those 3 months.  I tried to write down names, but failed to catch many!  So if I didn't name you specifically, THANK YOU!!!

Ward Clerks- I'm not sure what that department would do without you!  Mike, thanks for being so kind in showing us the ropes of the NICU at 2am on the first night that we arrived.  Ramey, you run circles around that place and it's apparent that everyone knows they can count on you for EVERYTHING! Anita, you are one sweet lady! 

The Attending Doctors, Residents and Fellows, there are so many of you but thank you for being so patient with us through all of our questions and again the second time we asked those same questions. We know you aren't used to having needy parents at the bedside for 12 hours a day, and we appreciate that you have not only cared for our son in treating his symptoms, helping to determine a diagnosis as well as educating us on what Preston's needs are and will be in the near and distant future. THANK YOU!

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