Sunday, February 2, 2014

So Long Dialysis!

The last two months have absolutely FLOWN by extremely quick.  In the midst of it and our nightly 12 hour dialysis cycles, Tyler and I constantly reminded ourselves that people do this dialysis thing for years, and that we should feel very blessed to only have/get to experience this for such a short period of time.
Good Bye Baxter Machine!!! This was the last time we had to see "End of Therapy"!

I think because it's been only 2 months we almost feel like we've just learned the routine and have settled in and now we are again preparing for another new adventure.  This next adventure (although not our last adventure, I fear, in this scary kidney journey) I feel is going to be the most exciting venture that will help Preston thrive, grow, and develop into the person that he will be.

There are many things we will not miss about dialysis. Like sleeping on a twin bed in P's room on the floor, trading off nights monitoring Preston's machine and tubing, getting only a few hours of sleep every other night (we trade off), not sleeping together in our own room since September, Preston's nightly vomiting an middle of the night linen changes, and I could continue.  The important thing is that we are almost done with this chapter  for the time being, and we appreciate the sweet things in life even that much.  Ill never underestimate the luxury of sleeping in the same bed more than one night in a row or sleeping a full 8 hours a night.

On the other end of our complaints, we have much to be thankful for this year, and for the past 2 years thus far.  We're especially thankful for our family and specifically Preston's donor, Uncle Cody. Not only has Cody willingly volunteered to be Preston's living donor, without any hesitation, his family has made extreme sacrifices on our behalf and on Preston's behalf.  We are and will be forever thankful for Cody, Megan, Louden, and Cael for allowing us to interrupt your Christmas celebration this year, and by sharing more than a kidney.  You guys are all amazing and we love you.

I have no doubt in my mind that this will bring our families closer not only this year but from this point forward during this time of the year, not only will we have Christmas to celebrate, but we will have a day of thankfulness and celebration every year on December 20th, and then Tyler's birthday on the 21st  (might as well make a week long event) and I hope we can all celebrate all of the festivities as a family.

May you all have a Merry Christmas and I ask that you say a little prayer for the entire Miranda family. Friday is the big day and we've been preparing for this for about 19 months.  It seems like its taken forever to get here but it's crazy that the day is almost here already.

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