Friday, December 14, 2012

Relinquish the Control

My mind has been the biggest tornado lately. So much on my mind and so much is still uncertain of what lies ahead for Preston. Work has been crazy busy and thanks to Chelsie, our friend and new hire, we've been able to keep up with most everything and even continued to take on new properties with the management company. I constantly think to myself, am I crazy? Only a crazy person would be taking on additional, new business right now. Preston has not only been a gift, but a true lesson learned for me. And that lesson is: "Relinquish the Control." Tyler's always told me that I have an issue delegating and deep down I've known he was right, but I had no idea how much of a work hoarder I really am/(was?...) Well I have had to get over my habit of work hoarding and I can honestly say now that delegating is getting easier. I have learned to depend on people to help me with things that I never thought I would need help with....even down to the grocery shopping. For the last few years Tyler and I have been on the verge of needing assistance at work with the real estate and property management. Our situation with Preston has forced us...but in a good just let go to the things we cannot control.

We have two appointments coming up in the next few weeks that will likely be an indicator of what's next and we may even be able to tentatively plan for his surgeries, but then again I don't know that for sure and maybe I'm just hoping for some answers. I would love to just get this whole transplant thing done and over so that we can put this chapter to bed. I know that we will never be truly done with doctors and but it will be so nice to see the day when we have an annual, or even a twice annual trip to the nephrologist...

Next week we will be down at LPCH at Stanford for some clinic appointments with the nephrologist, neurologist, endocrinologist. At lease we can try to clump them together to minimize trips. We'll probably end up staying two nights because our appointments are spread out beginning at 8am and ending late in the afternoon. With a 5 hour drive on each side it's impossible to accomplish in one day.

Holy smokes a month has passed since first drafting this blog post and the above is now old info, but still not a lot is unchanged.  Rather than deleting my thoughts I'll post this blog and move forward with the next......

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